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Luck of the trade ☘️

Luck of the trade ☘️

Hey there, I am new to the 2Key Community, but I am all onboard. I've been telling anyone who will listen what an amazing tool 2Key is, whether they are a business or just an individual. I help manage a stock trading / crypto trading community (Facebook and Discord with our main trader running a Twitch channel to teach people about trading, which we will be advertising 2Key on.) This is my first activity, so if I broke any etiquette, please let me know. Below are the screenshots of my post and the community size. If anyone is interested in joining, please feel free to, we welcome anyone and everyone! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1499763460194845/



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Author: Duaij
Published on: 11/06/2020 06:44 (edited on: 23/10/2020 18:36)

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